• sayurisingh 26w

    Maniac Version

    A long night after which he returned home,
    Switched on the lights to see the wrath left behind,
    The steam of coffee was still young,
    He took a sip to share from where it all begun,

    Next to the bedroom door was a mess left unattended,
    He chose to ignore it while embracing his exhaustion,
    Walked while churning onto a blighted meat,
    And staunched his body to the sheets,

    It was drenched in fresh blood,
    He smelled it as her fregrance still lingered,
    As he turned his to the table,
    He saw her hair flawlessly trapped in her hairband,

    His grin devastated the light air,
    As he laughed to his deeds
    He left his Maniac Version free,

    She was not that bad as he thought,
    But she let him loose his mind on her,
    He chose to end the life in her,
    It was not that difficult as he thought.