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    Finally I tried writing a long write-up.

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    To My Man Who Is in love with the other girl.

    •You asked me remember "Were you crying in the bathroom"and I stared at you for around a minute and then stared at the wall behind you and replied "I am missing dad" but I was missing you and you hugged me and again that smell caught me in its embrace promising to not to leave me even after bathing 8 times. I scrubbed my skin to get rid of the smell that used to cure the migraines, the rusty nights and the troubled stalker days but now it smells of infidelity.Have you noticed you started carrying another smell in your handkerchief,On your hands,On your neck. You started smelling like her.Just like I used to smell like you after the nights you claimed you've never loved someone else other than me.

    •I caught you stealing glances at her many times. I did when you parked the car at the end of the parking just exactly beside her car. Or the last weekend when at the grocery store we stumbled upon her-The glances you both shared a little awkward,A little relief on your faces and the touch of your hands didn't go unnoticed and it pierced my heart because I used to think Your hands are mine to touch, to hold or the day when she was present in between our sudden kisses-Her name came crossing your throat to your lips left my lips bleeding when you left my lips, me and us alone in that huge empty room of ours.

    •Changes happen but i never knew they can happen overnight.From you sleeping holding me for the whole night to leaving me to drown in the silk sheets alone.From tucking my hair behind with the sudden brush of your fingers on my neck to avoiding my hair when gotten tangled in your ring.From the kisses that you left on my lips after your favourite coffee to the days when i begged you to let me kiss you in between the terrible fight after you confessed "We are done".

    -From the girl "You never loved"