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    I haven't been active in a very long time and I apologize! Was busy with stuff.

    But here is something I wrote after a friend of mine asked what do I want for my birthday, which is tomorrow i.e 12th May. Her question got me thinking and that's when I wrote this one down❤

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    | HIM |

    Gray unfathomable eyes blazing with love
    His unshaven beard is spiky and rough.
    His unruly black hair are a mess
    Oh what would it be like to nuzzle his chest!
    He walks slowly as a predator towards it's prey
    I stand frozen in the middle of the cafe.
    The world vanishes and it's just him and me
    His presence has made the temperature rise by several degrees.
    I can hear my heart pounding loud and fast
    He's standing in front of me at last.
    Unable to speak I keep staring up at him
    Our rhythmic breathing sound like the tune of a Hymn.
    He raises his hand and his knuckles brush against my cheek
    My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak.
    A smile tugs his well sculptured lips
    I caress his face with my fingertips.
    He smiles his brilliant gigawatt smile
    I smile back like I haven't in a long while.
    We stand their smiling at each other
    While people in the cafe around us hover.
    I can't believe this utterly beautiful man is all mine
    I can't believe to my fate I once decided to resign.
    All the wait has been worth it
    Wasn't sure I'd ever again commit.
    And before I know it, his lips find mine
    The feeling is the most exquisite and divine.
    I don't care if people around are staring
    My soul and body are flaring!
    ©m_u_s_s ✍️