• asphodel_ 5w

    Wish me death -!

    Why do the things we need come with thorns over it?

    I saw a girl in me, not so futile but sick mentally. Am I really insane?
    If yes, then why I'm still not in the villa of "DOTY NOETIC".
    A fucking closed room with no ventilation is what I'm obsessed of. Not bcz it's December and the chilly winds shiver my skin but the affection fancied inside my lacrimals had turned my bones cold.

    Every midnight when the night howls serendipity, the moon glare at the bad omen making a surprise visit for me. The fear of losing itself make my veins shiver and running behind to hold you seems illogical when you never slow down your footsteps for me.
    I spent nights thinking I'll lose you but the day retaliated a different tale, "Do I ever owned you "?

    It's the same winter shrugging that dreadful past again. The throat and chest started being heavy again. Lacrimals are overjoyed since the tears had revived. I always wanted to scream with tears since crying became a luxury to my soul but the cologne of tears for now is intriguing.
    I was expected to be happy, but... I'm not.

    I lended myself to death again since I deliberately surrenderd my heart to the new blooming love. No I don't want to fall in love again. Love is nothing but a threat, offending the brain to think and always end up killing you brutally.
    I kept denying and will keep denying that I've painted you in my beats. But truly it's you who at the end of the day has started affecting me. Yes, I crave for you every misty morning and sing a song of broken emotions to myself every night.

    Living is far more dangerous than being dead. Every breathe consolidate your existence. But in reality I don't have you to relax my sternum in good rhythm and it's sympathetic for my existence.
    I had already pacified my wings that they are not made to fly but what are you doing,
    You are burning them everyday.

    I.... I....
    *couldn't write forward , it's not healing anymore*.

    //just I wished to cry for getting freed from the lies I said to myself, plz don't make me cry bleeding my old bruises. //


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