• rupanjal 50w

    Do you ever think why the person you love doesn't loves you back?
    Why always you have to try and please them to stay in your life?
    Why always you get hurt?
    Because that person ain't your other half ,
    The Greeks say the God's created a mysterious creation which was the combination of man and woman ,
    But they grew powerful than the God's
    So mighty Zeus cut them into two with his lighting bolt,
    Thus,creating man and woman
    Both of them were in grief,
    As he was drowned in tears,so was she
    He said to her
    She was his other half
    She was his love
    She was his life
    So they say
    If you haven't found your love,
    Be patient;
    Your other half is waiting somewhere only for YOU,
    Just in need for your love,
    They will put up efforts for you,
    They will give a hundred and ten percent for you,
    They will stay with you in your hardest times,
    They will cry when you cry,
    They will laugh when you laugh,
    Cause that 'they' is your 'other half'.

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    The Other Half?

    The God's made them too;
    Four arms,Four limbs,
    Two faces,two sex organs,
    Turned out to be strongest creation of the God's,
    Jealous was he;The Mighty Zeus,
    Cut them into two,as they screeched in woe;
    Separated were they,with a lightning blue,
    The sky did cried,the wolves did houl;
    With a dreaded sundown
    Was the creation of man and woman,
    Grief of separation struck him hard;
    As he summoned
    "You are my other half"
    "You are my other half"