• jairo_john 5w

    Letter To My Future Wife

    My name is John, and I will be your best Friend,

    I am an Engineer, but that's not something to impress you, as it is not my freedom either,

    I want to tell you that I might not have a lot to offer, but at least I will be your friend, and I will bake for you cakes, weekly,

    I love cakes, cookies and everything wheaty,
    So you too will enjoy, if you are a fan,

    I hope we find ourselves soon,
    I can already see you, a white intelligent lady, and a doctor by profession,

    I hope we also find ourselves in the presence of God, living fulfilling lives of purpose, and happy,
    I hope you too, have a deep meaning to life, just like I do.

    My future wife, I cannot promise you anything, but just things witty and wheaty,

    My future wife,
    I hope we become best friends, as life partners.