• pirateking 5w

    Miles away from Hyderabad.

    Miles away from Hyderabad,

    In its outskirts,

    Living in a quiet countryside,

    But in an eclectic environment,

    I noticed,

    Sometimes in surprise,

    Largely in strain,

    How litres multiplied themselves into gallons,

    How Metres translated himself into miles,

    How Grams refashioned herself into pounds,

    And how Ms.Celsius became Mrs.Farenheit.

    Miles away from Hyderabad,

    In its outskirts,

    Strolling through uncharted provinces,

    Decoding the mazes the head had contrived,

    Venturing to discover the dormant will,

    Striving to spark a potential wildfire;

    I perceived it,but only rarely,

    And was overwhelmed, 

    At times,

    With the torrent of emotions,

    Akin to the murkiness of the clouds;

    And other times,

    With the emptiness of silence,

    Accompanied by the quirkiness which followed;

    In this void, I perceived,

    That I'm oceans away from Hyderabad,

    Evading all the troubled colonies,

    Populated by the aspirations which are abandoned.

    In such flickers of epiphanies,

    Much alike the lightnings here,

    Living in an Oblivion, I realise,

    That I'm actually miles away from NewYork,

    Skype away from my family,

    Sacrificing my moments of delight,

    In Her paradise.