• ogagah 9w

    Poems, pain, violence

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    Why, you asked me
    Why I came to be me
    Why the deep hate
    Why I can not seem to create
    Why the misogyny

    Hear a short story of Eros
    a tale of dreadful love
    All dad did was love
    Maybe there were errors
    she killed him for that
    I was barely four
    I watched how groesome
    How the went at each other
    But she eventually won

    Each day he withers away
    Then my heart was cold
    Just like ice, my heart was stone
    The curse was laid on
    In me just the sword of revenge

    I wish I could love
    But the hurt that was taught
    In who's net I am caught
    How can I undo me
    Un-see the things I saw growing up

    Why, you asked me
    Kids see pain too
    Why, you asked me
    They see those little things
    Yeah, Maybe I'm just a broken kid
    But I am old
    Only never old enough to forgive the past