• lollasmith 5w

    The battle

    Constant questions inside my mind
    My heart tells me be patient and brain says I'm blind
    I feel like I'm torn between want and need
    How does one choose when both makes you bleed
    My mind, my brain, my logic must be true, afterall that has been the core that think about you
    Now it tells me that I am a fool
    That none of my thoughts are anything but a endless pool
    And then my heart whisper that I am not wrong
    That my emotions and love are so very strong
    That all I must do is keep holding on
    Now here is my problem
    The battle inside me between mind and heart
    This constant conflict rips me apart
    Do I go to the left where nothing is right
    Or go to the right where nothing is left
    I'm lost, I'm crying please tell me this
    Will the war inside me ever bring bliss
    Can your heart and mind ever decide
    Without you loosing either your sanity or your pride