• word_dreamer1 6w

    My bday was the day when u asked me to be urs
    I have no idea that u would have the remedy
    To heal my broken heart
    To make it as this is the beautiful start
    The past few months have been
    So disastrous that i didnt
    Even imagined to move ahead
    Bt u showed me the path in the dark.
    I believe everything happens for a reason
    Bt didn’t knw u would urself be the reason
    To live again with happiness
    I doubted u from the start
    Bt u always have faith in u and me
    U committed we would be never apart
    I fall more n more for u everyday
    Dear u showed the best way
    U showed me that Everything
    Will be alright
    This feeling was one i cnt fight
    U made everything all right
    All right.