• _the_secret_scribbler_ 50w

    Only the YEAR Is Changing!

    And only few hours are left,
    And this year will end.
    So many people, this year ditched me,
    So many things, in this year people taught me.
    Forever is a lie, everyone ends everything with a sudden goodbye.
    How to be strong alone, was my biggest good lesson, that I've learned,
    Many times, in this year my heart got hurt.
    So many people, I meet who cared,
    So many things with them I shared.
    I cried for the people, who really didn't deserved my tears,
    For every beautiful happenings, I cheers.
    I am so glad, I got some postive humans in my life,
    I am so thankful to god, for everything which I have.
    But, Everything is gonna be the same,
    There is nothing in my life that would change.
    Only the year is changing, and not peoples nature.
    Only the year is changing, and not My LIFE.