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    Title: Weight of a Thousand Planets
    Written by: @author_from_pluto
    Written: December 14th, 2019, 12:21 PM


    She had the weight of a thousand planets on her head,
    She had a dress that reached the floor.
    I met her when she had ten planets,
    I didn't think she could handle anymore.

    But, now, she proved me wrong.
    And her house is full of blue.
    She always sings a song,
    One unbeknownst to you.

    She only has two hands,
    And they're always very full.
    But, I admire her.
    And if you don't, you're very dull.


    #cees_blue_challenge #imagepromptchallenge #imageprompt


    I feel kind if overcrowded because I wrote three poems in the short span of less than 24 hours, so, to my followers, sorry for taking up your feed. Thank you, @carolyns_challenges for giving us this prompt! (I also love the colour blue!)
    And a big shoutout to Layla Nowras for her beautiful artwork (pictured below)!

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