• musiclover45 5w

    In The Dark Castle

    I awoke in a dark room
    With the familiar, handsome
    Stranger at my side.
    He smiled down at me.
    He had reached for my hand,
    But I pulled it away in fright.
    'Do not fear,' he said, kindly.
    'I had a doctor check on you.
    She says you'll be fine.
    I brought you here where it's dry and safe.'
    I stared at him as he squeezed my hand.
    'I'm David. You are?'
    'Sue.' I was reluctant to get my name out.
    He smiled, that's when I noticed his fangs. 'Don't let your surroundings frighten you.'
    He continued to hold my hand until
    He moved his hand over my eyes...
    Causing me to drift off.