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    We both took a step inside the light.

    The busy atmosphere, the gush of wind was touching my translucent body and all the melodies and voices were getting mixed before completely reaching my ears.We were standing on a footpath in some unknown area of this world.

    Unlike the last time, we didn't enter directly into a human body and we still had our roses and metal sheets in our hand.
    Surprisingly, in the human realm too, my sheet started to get cold. Augusta stared at my sheet and said, "I think it will be different from our previous experiences."
    I nodded and unrolled the metal sheet.

    'Soul 213
    Companion 456'

    The message was clear, it was to get into the body which possesses soul 213 but the question was how?
    Augusta was more worried than I was because there was no message on his and unlike the last time we didn't have to merge our sheets to decode it.

    Suddenly, he dissapeared.
    I turned around to look for him, anxiety and worry took over me. I was already too anxious because of all of it happening together and I didn't want to lose him as soon as I have got here.
    Right at the moment, four more petals from my rose fell on the ground and dissapeared.
    Tears almost filled into my eyes but I was holding it in.
    Right at the moment, someone called, "Savannah!"
    I was astonished as a human knew my name and could see me even when I was a soul and not in a human body.
    I turned around and looked at him. Depth was added into those eyes. I could see him holding a translucent rose and a metal sheet unlike his humanly concrete presence.
    "It is me, Augusta!"
    The tears which I held in made a way and started to flow. He tried touching me but his hands passed off my face.
    "I wish I could wipe off your tears."
    I noticed that some petals from his rose also fell on the ground but he didn't give it any acknowledgement maybe because he already accepted his fate.

    "I am inside soul 213's body."he continued.

    "This means, it no more means that I have to save four more lives and you have to save three more, it means that we both have to save seven lives together."

    While I was saying this to Augusta, a woman came running towards us, pushed Augusta's shoulders and ran further away.

    "I think we should look for the...."

    I suddenly felt that I was getting attracted by an unknown power, I started to walk in the direction where the woman ran. I speeded up and Augusta started to follow me.
    The footpath we were walking on was on a bridge over a river. I could see the woman standing on the edge of the bridge, holding the railing and completely ready to jump into the deep water. I couldn't see even a bit of sadness or regret on her face.
    She was in a hospital uniform and her hair was covering all her face.
    Augusta ran and pulled her off the railing of the bridge while I noticed a phone number on her dress.
    "I think you should call on this number." I suggested.

    The woman started screaming so loudly that it caught the attention of every car passing by.
    Augusta somehow checked the unknown pockets of his jacket and finally found a phone, he tried calling and fortunately got connected.
    "I have found a woman who is in a hospital uniform..."
    he informed.

    He stopped in the middle of the conversation and I asked,"What happened?"
    "They are coming."

    I took a sigh of relief while Augusta was struggling to keep her tied to him so that she doesn't take a fatal step.

    Not all suicides are performed by a sane mind and they don't deserve the punishment of afterlife thus, souls like us are sent on this planet to save them.


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    Not all suicides are performed by a sane mind and they don't deserve the punishment of afterlife thus, souls like us are sent on this planet to save them.