• ningku_kalita 36w

    Heart Breaking Words

    May be I did much mistakes for the reason I'm valueless for you now.
    But I was doing my job only to protect you from the cruel people.
    Though my words were tough, but beyond that whole situation there lies the image of my fear of loosing you !
    I was only trying to protect you... But I wasn't aware about the fact that I lost everything on those days.
    You said I played with your feelings but naah Its not me I never played with anyone I only tried to rescue you from that situation which we may encounter in future.
    I was planing to make a better future for us but you thought different…
    Your words are heart breaking dear! There is still plenty of time left to believe me, taking positive thoughts.
    A kind request to you the path you are choosing is going to kill both of us...please pause your steps and think again may be your positive attitude towards my words can make a brighter future for us.