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    For most of my life I found myself seeking for home to my emotions, some comfort to my heart. I consider this to be human nature but it was extreme in my case and yes the pain I received from every disappointment was extreme too until I stopped expecting anything and became a 'giver' without expecting anything in return. With every passing year I started realising that I am really not made for this society, people, stereotypes and to deal with my surrounding I always need to put on a fake mask.
    It's been quite a long time since I've almost stopped expecting any company and started enjoying solitary happiness. If I ever have to run away from people, society or anything, my feet will find the way of mountains because it was painful to stand on the cliff of the mountain to scream like a maniac just because you hold too much inside until mountains gave me the comfort to scream, cry, laugh and feel everything amidst the nature ❤ to say mountains saved my life will be an understatement, because saving a life is not enough but giving a hope to live again is what mountains did to me. ❤

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    My savoir: mountains