• love_poet 10w

    Love is in the strangest of things walking by
    For whom we seem not to care about.
    We want love to find us
    And yet, we don't care enough.
    And I tell you so;
    This is why the world and so many souls
    Are perishing today.


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    Everyone talks of love
    That sleeps and hugs
    You in bed at night.
    But when I'm there in mine
    All I feel is alone -

    My sheets are old and worn out,
    And like my heart, quitting seems quite
    Because however hard they try
    They can't warm and dissipate this cold.
    I know, because they've both tried for so long.

    Everyone talks of love
    That dresses mornings
    In glistening dew and melodies.
    But when I head out
    It doesn't seem quite so -

    What comes every dawn
    Are not songbirds
    Humming sweet melodies
    But lonely winds
    Eroding my sweet spirit.
    Because it's been a while, well,
    Since the humid skies kissed the earth
    Or a voice whispered sweet nothings
    To create so, such morning delight.

    Everyone talks of love
    That meets you in the strangest of place,
    In that first hello from a delighted fellow.
    But how come around are so many souls
    And I can't find the one -

    I bother to go out but all there's out there
    Are angry faces racing against time,
    Who can't spare a second or two of theirs
    To smile and fall in love or be loved,
    Because, all that seems to be
    A waste of their precious time.

    So see, everyone here
    Is talking about love
    When in the world there's really none left -

    No love for nature.
    No love for beings.
    I doubt we even love ourselves.
    No wonder there's so much
    Brokenness and pain lying around,
    Because we've all abandoned us.