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    чуть менее привлекательный - A LITTLE LESS LOVABLE

    // чуть менее привлекательный//

    I chuckled while my pal said
    To tighten my seat belt
    I was dancing
    Beneath the dark skies

    Like, a rose
    They accept the
    Redness in me
    Well when I come close
    Green part of mine
    Becomes something they refer as

    My pen has finally broke its nip
    I asked why and he said
    He just wanted to be more like me

    Wall of the unknown
    Too hard to be known
    Money's there for you
    To vanish everything you're going through
    Then dear money,
    Make my heart skip a bit
    Like she did.

    In every heart
    There is a heaven
    A sanctuary of its own
    And still I feel
    I had too much
    I held your hand
    At the wrong place

    And every time
    You had a glass
    I thought you were mine to have
    And every time
    You sang a song
    I feel I have broke through

    And this silence
    Makes me feel
    I had this wall to break
    But by mistake
    I was a snowflake

    Your branches
    Let me flew

    And I fell
    Little hard too much

    And I'd hug my self if I could
    That's if the choice were mine to make


    I've had this life
    And I gave up all on you

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