• jodi_writes 9w

    Heartbreak is pure heartache. Every fiber of your being screams in pain. Every nerve is highlighted as if ice icicles were running through them. The sharp points escalating the pain. Your body on fire from the heat of rejection. Your mind confused with every possible thought of how you could of changed the outcome. You feel powerless and in a way you are. Powerless in regards to the breakup but baby girl - you still have power. You have the power inside you to heal. But healing takes time. And time is not free. So you wallow in the sea of tears until one day you feel a little stronger. You venture out into the world again. And what do you see? Nothing new. The world is still going on. Nothing stops during your tears. The world still revolves. Time is not free. You've lost precious time crying over someone who probably isn't thinking of you. Take it as a lesson. A lesson which needs learning. And you will learn after each heartbreak that YOU do have the power. You are the power. You just need to find it.