• stevenlgoosby 19w

    I say fuck money...(Keep Making It)

    For all my brother's and sister's that have lost their lives,I say fuck money for all brother's and sister's that are locked behind those systematic bars watching time... I say fuck money for all the single mother's that worked their ass off and still didn't make enough to provide properly for their children...I say fuck money for all the blood shed for all the headaches for all the hurt the pain that it has caused.I say fuck money,fuck money,fuck money,for the joy it has brung and for the joy it has taken,I say fuck money because I didn't have enough to save my mother from cancer,I say fuck money,I say fuck money,for all the time that I didn't have it and hustle to get it to default,I say fuck money but keep making it because at the end of the day it's the only piece of shit paper that is going to keep any of use alive.FUCK MONEY (Keep Making It)