• _palakjain 5w

    Worst or better?

    Oh no,
    Not again
    Why you keep falling
    Look, you are
    on the ground again
    Do you ever think
    Why you are behind everyone
    Why you are here again
    Do you really want to do this
    Is this what you really want
    What if
    you are not strong enough
    What if
    you are not smarter as you thought
    What if
    This is not meant for you
    What if
    You're again going to fall.
    I know these are the things
    we keep asking ourselves
    Again and again
    I not saying this is false or true
    I'm not going to tell you what to do
    The only thing I know is
    We are this far not just for nothing
    We are here
    I'm sure this means something
    We can't give up now
    We have to end this game
    Don't know if it's going to turn out
    To be worst or better
    The only thing I know is
    We are not the quitter.