• rebel_writes 5w

    Lover's Cry

    Maybe if I sleep and wake up
    Everything will wash away like it's make up

    Those were the thoughts in my head the night you left me
    There was a sharp pain in my chest as soon as the news got to me

    It happened for a reason that's what they were all saying
    I'm sitting wondering why these problems I am facing

    You were the best friend, sister, lover on which I could rely
    The goodbye hits different when you get no reply

    Remember the vacation plans we both had
    And when we planned to run away with the little cash we had in hand

    You are not dead to me cause you'd always live in my heart
    You helped me come out even when everyone else was against that

    I'll live our dreams for the both of us
    One day we'd be reunited cause even death can't kill us

    I'd always love you
    And cause you're an angel watching over me you'd surely do.