• eth_ijy 5w


    I looked at him,and he
    Looked back
    My nerves bolted up tight as
    He smiled
    His full cherry lips parted like
    a cupid bow
    His eyes shone brighter with lifting charisma
    as his brows stroked the edges of his eyelids
    My left palm shot to my mouth
    Stiffening my erotic chuckle as I cursed feverently at my blushes
    But then,
    He lifted his arm and stroked his jet black hair which spread submissively like oil on a warm butt
    And my eyes scrambled to savour every inch of muscle
    As his chest twitched in mischief, I couldn't help but gaze down at the live god in front of me,gloriously carved
    Biting my lower lip,my fingers stroked my beardy chin and reversed my stare to his face
    He winked,his thick brows taking me in a trance for seconds
    With a tender spank,mist clouding
    the mirror,
    I walked out the shower
    With a boner grin.