• mkriesman 22w

    Kindred Spirits

    No matter how late the hour gets
    I still feel your presence
    In our bed
    In whatever home we may be sharing
    I'm trying to write quietly
    So I don't disturb your slumber
    Then I realize
    That I am alone
    Well, not actually
    You are always with me
    Mind Heart Soul
    I can't wait
    Until we can be together for a visit
    To an all-night diner
    When we can talk about poetry
    Or make poetry
    When we walk down the street
    Hand in hand
    Or arm in arm
    Time truly doesn't exist
    When we are with each-other
    There is only love
    And the mute button on the remote control
    Tonight feels like it's going to be a long one
    But each moment
    Brings us closer
    To the union of Kindred Spirits
    That we both want and need
    In fact,
    I think I'll have a little more Kindred Spirit
    And try to call it a night
    Don't steal all the covers