• rimshajawwad_ 34w

    Some people are so unawared of their worth
    Unawared of the charm they behold in their eyes,
    And the passion in their voice when they talk about something they love,
    Their own beautiful way of doing the simplest thing,
    Wether its the way their eyes pop out when shocked,
    Or the way their cheeks turns red,
    They are so unawared, unawared of their raw and pure soul and the love which they have to offer,
    One of its own kind,
    Unawared of the butterflies they give,
    The smiles they spread,
    The hearts they melt,
    They are so much more beautiful in their own way,
    They are like the layer of the velvety royal blue which spreads through the sky,
    Just to embellish the stars at night.
    They are like that one star at night which is always with the moon to embrace it,& to protect it.
    So hold onto them, and never let them go as they are like the gold dust.
    -R. A