• nifemi 5w

    I hope I never feel like this again,
    Dreading every encounter with these daughters of Jezebel,
    Convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that all girls are the same,
    Unlike my Yoruba demon brothers, I loved too hard,
    Devoting my everything to anything I find adorable,
    I once grew a flower,
    I fed it so much water that it suffocated right under my nose,
    Then I grew another and gave it a little too much nutrients that it dried out,
    Well I learnt a thing or two after that,
    Being a farmer is definitely not my thing,
    And I guess my love was too much for it to handle,
    Poor little thing!
    Flowers are just like girls,
    Blossoming at the very beginning,
    Opening up to reveal their loveliest forms as time goes on,
    And then suddenly becoming unresponsive to familiar touch,
    She said she needed space because I might be choking her,
    But all I ever wanted was to fulfill her dreams,
    Satisfied with just having you around, my Lily,
    Every new one was worse than the former,
    Reopening my old wounds and inflicting greater pain,
    I have been told I have a type,
    The type that can't wait to slip out of my hands right after I fall in love,
    Now I'm convinced I'm the problem,
    But they keep telling me, "it's not you, it's me"
    Wish my heart wasn't made entirely of flesh and blood,
    And the doors to my soul were not ajar.