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    Alteast once a day say that you love yourself
    Atleast once a day know you are worthy of all the happiness in the world #selflove

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    I , me , myself

    Don't wanna regret things I didn't do
    Don't wanna miss things I didn't cherish
    Don't wanna lose all that I thought were mine
    Don't wanna cry tears that doesn't make me strong
    Don't wanna be someone who I'm not
    Don't wanna bathe in the misery of the path that chose me
    Don't wanna leave without a goodbye
    Don't wanna write things I don't mean
    Don't wanna lie to myself anymore
    Don't wanna kill the joy that always enveloped me
    Don't wanna dance to someone else's tunes
    Don't wanna be restrained by the society's reins
    Among all the don'ts, I often dig up things
    I wish to do and all the things I am
    I'm strong , I'm resilient , I'm pretty
    I'm kind, I'm precious , I'm tall
    I'm loved, I'm brave
    Atleast to those who care
    And the very least to myself