• epigramfortwo 10w

    If God were depressed,
    He'd say,

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    'Never broken
    a promise
    after the
    requisite deluge
    you submitted thesis
    of my mythical
    dead certificates,
    and axioms

    I've only been
    your sorrows
    in cyphers
    and still time comes
    I wrack up disasters
    when you couldn't
    translate albeit
    the different languages
    so far you have found
    how to bend reason
    to move a microcosm
    the easy way
    how to be people's god
    owed to wiles and bails

    Now tell me,
    for the eminent
    pursuit of
    and transience
    you opt for
    an alternative
    for every barrier
    solving life's perplexities
    in a cheerful sorrow

    Have I scaled up mountains
    to shout out names
    my roofs still don't resound
    enough to strike a chord
    in this dire plated heart
    play me the keys for
    the fatigue to have
    reached every nook
    of the corner
    now frails
    still you climb down
    like you scaled up high
    enjoying every thrill of
    that oxygen I gave

    Choices I made
    deployed the sun
    without letting you know
    Never did I realise
    I already sunk my ship
    it's now in an earth's grave'.