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    The next day Ruby woke up feeling very energetic. She took her bath and changed into some shorts since it was very hot. She was tying her hair when Harvey walked in from the bathroom. He was very masculine, handsome but above all sexy. She admired those taut muscles and her gaze shifted on those abs that were glistening with water. She blushed with embarrassment thinking of what crazy things were running through her mind at the moment. Harvey walked up to her and back hugged her.
    'It's not healthy to have such naughty thoughts in your head love,' Harvey said and kissed the top of her head.
    'I didn't do anything like that,' she lied and he smiled at her through the mirror.
    'Then why is your face red?' Ruby knew she had been caught after all Harvey knew her the best.
    'You can't blame me for that. Why are you parading around naked?'
    'It's for your pleasure,' he said and she blushed worse.
    'Change now, i don't want to be late for breakfast,' she urged him.
    'We can just skip breakfast and make love the whole day,' he suggested and she laughed.
    'If you don't change your clothes in three seconds, i will not let you have me for the rest of the vacation!' Ruby made her threat and he disappeared straight away. She smiled at how childish and romantic her brother was. It was a good thing he left because she was already tempted to let him have his way with her. It wasn't a bad thing to stay in bed and make love the whole day.
    Ten minutes later, the two were ready to leave the suite. Harvey stopped her and he looked at her for a while.
    'Is there something on my face?' Ruby asked worried.
    'Yes, there is,' he replied.
    'What is it? Remove it.'
    'I thought you will never ask,' he said and lowered his head towards her. She was excited as she knew what was coming. She had missed him after all.
    Harvey kissed her slowly and very gently at first before his kisses increased it's pressure and became more passionate and aggressive. She loved this side of him even though she wasn't a masochist. She hooked her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. She moaned in his mouth as he cupped her buttocks. She could tell that she was in trouble but at that moment she didn't care about anything. To hell with the breakfast too. They were enjoying every second of their passionate kiss but that moment was cut short when Ruby's cell rang. She was going to ignore it but Harvey broke the kiss first and hissed under his breath which made her laugh.
    'I think we should leave now before i make sure you never leave this room the entire vacation week,' Harvey said and she palmed his cheek.
    'As much tempting as it, we should just join the others.'

    Ruby answered her call and lied, 'we are almost there,' and hung up.
    Reluctantly the two of them left their suite for the elevator. They took the elevator to the restaurant floor where they joined their friends.
    'You look red like a tomato. Don't tell me you guys....' Nancy didn't get to finish before Ruby pinched her thigh and let out a yell.
    'You deserve that. Lets eat, we have places to go,' Ruby said smiling at her friend.
    'I will get you for this,' Nancy pouted and they laughed.

    Breakfast was served and the eight conversed while they took their heavy meal.
    After breakfast they began touring around the resort and then the city itself. They took pictures for memories and had a great time.
    They had lunch together before separating fir some personal activities. Ruby returned to the suite where she made a call to her mother.
    'You look happy. Don't you miss us?' Ruby asked as soon as her mother showed on the screen.
    'Is that how you greet your mother?' Grace asked with a smile on her face.
    'Mom! How have you been?' Ruby asked.
    'I am okay. It's lonely without you two here.'
    'You aren't sleeping yet?'
    'No, i am waiting for your dad to finish his call in the study.'
    'Okay, pass my greetings to him.'
    'I will.'
    'Are you having a great time?'
    'Yes, everything is just great.'
    'That's good. If he makes you sad just tell me i will punish him for you,' Grace said and Ruby smiled at her mother.
    'I will surely do that. I have to go now. I will call you later.'
    'Okay baby. Love you.'
    'Love you too.'