• eyesick 6w

    Todays bullshyt

    I walked in the kitchen to get breakfast
    I seen scrambled eggs and left over dinner on the stove which was rice beans and carne(meat).
    My mom said dont eat the scrambled eggs because its my stepbrothers.
    So i decided to make sunnyside up eggs.
    Then my moms husband wants to bitch at me for making eggs because there is "rice beans and meat" ...
    Then why didnt he eat it?
    Why did he eat eggs then get mad when i want to make eggs.
    He talking about "why is he making more eggs"
    So the left over eggs i cant eat. And i cant make new eggs??
    He never eats the leftovers and gets mad when i dont eat it.
    Then they get mad when i eat the food they dont touch.
    U can never win in this house.