• _payash_12 5w


    We humans undergo four stages in life , as we all know -
    1st is childhood : the most happiest stage . In this stage we donot feel discomfort, there's no stress to deal with only enjoy with what's going on .
    The 2nd stage is teen Age : the most difficult because this stage is filled with confusion , we search for peace we want to learn certain things ,discover our traits and also our identity , our mission to live like this . We find our extraordinariness and certain characteristics that define us . But this stage is fun as we get to know the reality of life ..
    The 3rd one is Adulthood : here we leave behind ourselves and run forward to find happiness for ur family . We get busy with our work we forget who we are , tough!! Earning becomes our first priority ,yes ..
    The last is Old Age : this stage has fun , emotion , excitement and a little hope to live more Because we never know what the law of nature has decided for us...
    So look at each stage , see how we change with the passage of time not only physically but mentally and emotionally too . As we move further in life we come across certain things which may either be permanent or temporary . We live with happiness in our hearts but still cannot find it because we get so busy in life . Life teaches us many lesson and also it didn't give us the right to control our moves , as we cannot control the external environment , the nature .. I can only say that we have only one life , please ! Don't get busy in your work that you forget to live , yes work but give yourself some rest so that you don't miss the small or little happiness..