• littlebunnynana 24w

    Sun, Moon, and The Stars

    They say that I settle- that I don't know my own worth,

    I swear that's not the case.
    I know I deserve the sun and the moon and the stars,

    Where can I find them?

    Instead, I get late nights texts
    and last minute cancellations
    and half assed "I'm sorrys"

    Trust me, I'm just as tired of making excuses for their behavior as I am ashamed that I let it happen,

    No, I know I deserve:
    I'm hungry - then let's get you some food
    And- I'm sad- well I'm right here, babe.
    I'm insecure- then let's talk about it,
    I miss you- I'm on my way.
    I love you - I love you too.

    I don't feel like I'm a hard puzzle to solve,
    You don't need a special certification to deal with my maintainence.

    But they love to make me feel like I'm a little detatched and ask a little too much.
    Like asking to be being a priority is equivalent with moving the moon.

    No. I know I deserve the sun and the moon and the stars.
    And the person who will present them to me is on their way.