• kuldeepiit6 20w

    I am watching status and stories of people since last 2-3 days. They are like "Ravan was a good person, he kidnapped Sita and didn't even harm her ,kept her in a safe place with bodyguards and all" . He was only obeying her sister and all the bullshit things.
    I m praying to God that you never meet these Ravans (so called pandits and educated fools of these days) who will kidnap your mother and sister just because you are in relationship with a girl and his (ravan's) sister is not happy about it. And after all of these things ,the most important thing is you are not Ram ,so you can protect her (sita) easily.
    So I think you should stop praising him for his bad work and of course there were so many good things about Ravan, so learn them.
    Kuldeep Kumawat