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    My second script! Thank you! ��✨

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    Jealous Sirius

    LILY: Jesus!
    JAMES: I know right!
    LILY: what's up with you Sirius?
    SIRIUS: *transforms into human* nothing
    LILY: but you were barking at... everything!
    SIRIUS: I know *holds Remus' hand*
    JAMES: but why mate?
    SIRIUS: because *looking sheepish*
    REMUS: he has jealousy issues.
    SIRIUS: I do not! *offended*
    JAMES: that girl was looking at Remus' butt
    SIRIUS: *growls* which girl?
    LILY & JAMES: oh Sirius! *chuckles*
    SIRIUS: *pouts*
    REMUS: it's cute, I don't mind *smiles*