• aishantel 5w

    A letter To Satigo
    I will pronounce thee name in the midst of thousands of palm trees;
    Satigo the lover of my precious heart.
    Thou name is as temperate as cassia's cinnamon, it's the fragrance in which the aromatic bark of several tropical trees grow.
    Our love reminds me of the Sugared lucidity of blooming coffee trees;
    Satigo! my hero, coin of gold with a shining face.
    At the hours of stars , Night of dreams, you were all I could dream of.
    My head on your chest, warm like a bupkes of smoking from the fire of a loaded gun,
    Your perfumed softed hands fondling with my dark delicate skin , while my hands caresses the black coiling hair that clung to your chest.
    Oh! Lover, I enjoys our intimate sweet fragrance.
    © Aishantel poem Olio.