• ian_r30 9w

    L O V E

    They say all is fair in love and war
    But Romeo and Juliet will say afar
    They fought and beaten odds
    In the end, it took life and blood

    Maria will beg to disagree
    She will sing a melody so glee
    Her playful heart managed along
    To win over Mr. Von Trapp a lovely song

    Wingardium Leviiiooosa is what Hermione would say
    To make something light and whoosh in the air
    Same feeling when intoxicated with love
    It puts you in a spell, crazy and disarray

    Christian Grey will have to fair
    If it's pain or pleasure in the air
    Ana apparently has a different thing in mind
    A vanilla relationship is far sublime

    Jack plunged into the cold waters so Rose could live
    But why not save yourself and be with her
    A feeling of guilt has left her for decades
    Oh why love can you be so reckless?

    "I am also just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her"
    Anna bared her soul as Will reckons to spurn
    Nothing Hill is a cliche as it goes
    But it melts my heart like butter on toast

    So how could anyone measure love?
    If it's boundless and limitless in every way
    I dare to see where it leads me
    A story that's yet to be determined