• the_dreaming_girl 5w

    When I am looking at u ,
    I realised that u are one of a kind ,
    Who dwells in human reform ,
    Who can't see ,
    The truth that is infront ,
    And believing at the lies ,
    And one day I believe ,
    U 're gonna see it ,
    With the ashamed filled eyes ,
    Which held disgusted now ,
    Can't prove it ,
    But trust is a strong word ,
    which u did in past ,
    But in the most needy times ,
    U didn't .
    And I am here waiting patiently ,
    Believing in God ,
    That soon u know the truth ,
    Before it's too late .

    #poetry @writersnetwork @mirakee #POD

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    Trust is a strong word which help us to grow securely with the love formed in our hearts .