• sadar_ammar 10w

    For the beauty you have

    I've committed crimes and sins but my biggest crime would be seeing you this way
    For ive been the biggest foul not seeing you sadden by me saying what I say
    For you were my dearest friends and I treated you this way
    For you were the person nearest to my heart cause I loved you
    For my biggest regret would be treating you this way when you were the greatest friend for me

    I was just driving you to the end of the road by pushing you out and acting this way
    I was shouting at you when you were just trying to be there for me like you said you would
    I was telling you to leave but you stay there saying everything will be okay
    Never letting me push you away and never breaking our friendship apart
    For you've went through hardships just trying to be there so I just wanna say thank you friend

    For I am writing you this to apologize for the way I was acting
    For I am writing this to tell you thank you, thank you for being there and being you
    For you are the star at night that shines ever so bright at night
    For you are the sun that makes my days ever so bright making everything feel right
    For I just wanna say thank you for being you and running off when I was pushing you away

    Away you are but not from my heart nor my mind for i still remember your kindness
    For your kindness is priceless and your jokes make me lifeless
    For all I'm wishing when I'm looking at the night sky is hugging you tight one last time
    For I still hear the bell chiming and us running to class
    For I'm just writing this to say, I love you and thank you for being you and always being there