• sapiosexualaishi 5w

    Have you ever been cheated on? It sucks, doesn't it? To give someone everything and at the end getting this in return. Questions like what went wrong? Wasn't I good enough? Starts killing you from inside.. And in no time you start blaming yourself for everything that went wrong in their relationship. You remember the memories you made together when everything was fine and you try to remember where did it go wrong? In the mean time you see them happy in their new life and it kills you because few days ago it was you in those pictures holding their hands . And then comes the time when you start hating yourself. But hey is it really your fault that they cheated on you? I mean were you the only one in that relationship? Wasn't it their responsibility to make you understand that you're doing this wrong? They should have talked it out with you. So here you go. Here's something you should understand. It wasn't your fault. Nothing you did was wrong enough to break that relationship . So don't hate yourself! Don't curse yourself! Get up, smile and move ahead. Because you know there must be people out there always waiting to see you smile because that's the best part of their lives.