• deedee_ofili 10w


    This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning
    Winston Churchill, 10 November 1942

    The smoke got to us long before the fire did
    While Wuhan was engulfed in this fire
    my people perished for lack of knowledge
    Oh, how it spread to the ends of the world
    The small but mighty was an army the world wasn't ready for
    After 3000 years of abusing our mother
    The only virus to be purged is you.

    The abandoned cars in the garage, the heightened fear
    6 feet apart is what keeps us closer to the living
    As the day blurs indistinctly into the next
    There is reconfiguration of our mindset,of the things we thought mattered
    The revelation of the sham of the whole system,
    The health care workers plunged into this unreadiness
    As we pry through the shutters of the digital world
    There's conflicting information, conspiracy theory contagion,
    News on the sterile statistics and death tolls with seemingly unreachable peak

    So while we are jugged in the prisons of our homes and
    I shed a tear for the ones cooped up with their abusers and the poor who chew on old bones
    And I revel in the knowledge that looted money cannot buy the life of the looter
    That the world wasn't saved by priests or imam or astrologers who lacked the foresight
    Let us be grieved by our previous lifestyles, for this is just the end of the beginning.