• mandeepthakur 42w

    You've lost me

    You know what ?..
    You don't understand , you never do
    You have completely broken who i'm as a person .
    You have no idea how many hours i spent for waiting on you to respond , seeing if you have checked my snapchats , watsapp n instagram.
    You don't know how many night's i've sat in my bed wondering why i'm not good enough or how i could change myself to be good enough for you. I've never been like this for anyone and i don't even know what makes me think that you're different and that maybe one day you'll change and i'm tired of sitting around and waiting for you to do that.
    Do not tell me you '' understand'' because you do not , you don't understand how it feels to have a person you're down for one hundered percent treats you like you are their last priority.
    You are always the first person i wanna talk when i wake up and the last i go to sleep thinking of .
    You know i've been going through some of the hardest times i ever have and how many times have you checked on me ?.. None .
    I hope you have enjoyed your time treating me like shit because it's over now .
    I'mnt going to treat you the same like you did but just the only thing is that,
    Deep inside you've Lost me n this time it's forever........