• laevateinn 24w

    I've listened to it twice now. Sadness and fear are all I hear. The pang of a sense of loss, the short time shared, revered. The times when hands are tied and amity is forcibly broken, a bitter cold air replacing warm words unspoken surrounds, and guilt is abound to choke them.

    In response to the last question you asked, I have no simple answer. Time is short and should be spent sparingly and caringly. Dare I say today won't be the last day? There is no ill will, no blame, no grudge to be held because a hiatus may not stay. Remember time changes things. Remember that includes you. Remember not to be afraid. Remember to take care of your selfless self too.

    Life is about learning from experience and not from cautious omission. After all, you taught me to ask for forgiveness and not for permission. Every conclusion begs a new commencement, a new time for development. Be steadfast and you will be seen through. Know that I'm proud of everything you will do. Know when you feel lost you can always be found. Know that when you need a friend, I'll be around.


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