• her_biro 24w

    I'll wait

    If someday,
    Or beneath the
    dwindling moon,
    I hold your hand,
    And Even when
    My fragile fingers
    Tremble to your touch
    Even if they
    deny to identify
    Backout again
    Or become shy,
    Grab them,
    Be the magical magnet,
    That once you were,
    Caress them with your
    Forever longed touch,
    Melting my soul,
    Amazing my heart,
    Hold them,
    Tighten your grip,
    Let not be there any gap,
    Let not any thing come in between,
    And let them not tremble,
    Muffle like this again.
    Till then, I'll strech my hands
    Hiding from the sun,
    Or under the moonlight,
    Waiting for you,
    To hold my fingers