• m3l0dic 10w

    Too Broken For Seduction

    Sex feels so,
    Bland when you're next to someone who's tasteless.
    With taste buds reserved for one meal and one meal only.
    As lonely as I've been,
    Thoughts of lace and seduction are kept at a distance...

    I only have visions for a happy life.
    With a wife.
    Hopefully a kid born with her eyes along a nose like mine.
    A dream I intend to manifest into my reality,
    Unfortunately stained by a family smearing dirt on pictures they paint into lies...

    There is no seducing a heart broken into illimitable pieces,
    While reattached by reasons of divine nature.
    In other words,
    I'm trying my best follow God since God was and is my savior.
    Who else was?
    During every moment I've fallen to a drink or thoughts of putting myself in danger,
    By my own hands?...

    After escaping bottomless nights under involuntary torment,
    All you want to do is intertwine with whom your soul has known for eternity.
    A love as sweet as fresh honey combs no matter how much it hurts to be,
    Stuck inside a Matrix meant to keep you apart from a union I most certainly,