• beenishrasheed021 6w

    Cry for mother kashmir

    Spectating at the splendour of moments passing by the drowsy sky
    Appraising her words, as tearing, the crying infant from my breast
    Oh my mother! There in the locked valley
    These tyrants shoved the fiery breath between us
    Beyond the gates of eden
    Is my mother shrieking to hear the voice of her beloved children
    Oh mother of kashmir
    these people don't know what they are loosing!
    Soon thy will abrade their own summit!
    Under the justice of justice
    Thr you are wobbling nd here I sat down aside of road to safe
    Torn from the tears , O! How my heart does yearn
    The shattered heart dreams well of peace return
    ‚ÄĆO my mother in this gathering of tyrants no one could guess our pain to the extent
    No sign of inner turmoil, no sight that feels your pain
    Cold and deaf are thy to it-- thy won't breathe the lament of your fire
    I ask my lord for the thing that s of poison nd cure too
    A pain came to my lips-- but whom to tell it will be all meaningless