• indraneel123 10w

    The Orphan

    One day an orphan girl came out of the orphanage.
    For her it was like a release from the cage.
    With one of the volunteers she came to the market,
    Then she was shocked to see that she was very misfortunate.

    She saw that some children were of her age,
    She wondered why her parents left her in her initial stage,
    She saw them laughing and smiling,
    But since the past few years she only felt depressing.

    When she came back she was very jealous with those children,
    Why she had to always experience all the pain?
    She cursed all of them,
    She wanted to know her parent's name.

    Since then she always cried and wished for her own painless death,
    She only wanted peace and no fame and wealth.
    But then she came to know That someone came to adopt her,
    Happiness overflowed from her heart as she will also get a mother and father.

    She was happy to the power infinity,
    She will receive lots of love and care from her parents who live in a city.
    But she realized that she was too unlucky to get affection,
    On the adoption day her "would be" parents met with an accident and she got the bitter information.
    She understood that God has kept her and her close people away from any fun.