• ritvik_tuteja 11w

    The Socially Empathetic Academician

    Supportive in her approach, soft spoken
    She ensures making each one comfortable
    Being socially involved in every occasion
    Of her each person holds the best impression
    An academician supportive of every student
    Being groomed by her is a unique experience
    Openly accepting & respecting beings of every kind
    She stays calm & composed in the mind

    Her son did she raise with the best in store for him
    As today he's creating his own brand with her guidance
    She's a lady teaching with passion & perseverance
    To enhance oneself daily & perform par excellence
    Her profession is always a challenge daily
    Of bringing different minds to work with mutual acceptance
    Yet with a kind heart she works & thrives
    Doing best for what's the need of time

    A peoples person, her mindset broadened
    She creates the best memories on every occasion
    Unmoved by choices other's make with the trend
    She stands by her decision's & happiness constant
    The teacher who does just more than teach
    She's one in dear fondness everyone does preach