• cookie_tiger 23w

    I was never fine.
    Ask me last year and
    I'll be telling everyone that I'm okay, even though I know for a fact that I am not.
    I admit I was hurt for what you did.

    Even through all the doubts I had, I still tried.
    I took the risk that I was so afraid of.
    I trusted you.
    I loved you.
    but you just broke my heart.

    Almost a year had past,
    the missing, the crying and the hurt starts to become useless.
    I began to self- reflect. I realized how important self-love is,
    that we should never hold on to the past, and that we should learn to let go.

    I once read on a post, and I totally agreed, that maybe there are people who come in our life not to stay, but to teach us something.
    To shape us to a better someone.
    Maybe they left for a more meaningful reason.
    Maybe they left because a someone more better is coming.

    Meeting you shaped me for who I am now.

    Like they said, experience is the best teacher.
    Leaving me might be a sad experience,
    but I will never forget the stuffs it thought me.

    I came to realized that,
    For you to heal, you must first learn to forgive, and to love yourself.


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    For you to fully heal, you must first learn to let go and to forgive.