• tusharkishore 50w


    The Absence of her, I shattered
    Life has become absurd,

    She hadn't left me
    Destiny left us,

    She wasn't mine
    But I thought as she was mine,

    I loved her as my life,
    But she wasn't my wife,

    She always said,
    "You are nothing for me"
    But, There was always something for me,
    Which I could see,

    She was the loquacious
    I was the laconic,

    She was the enchanting moon,
    I was the dark, nocturnal night of the waning crescent,

    She was the bubbling river
    I was serene bank of the river,

    I am missing her a lot
    I drank all the hooch, remembering our last smooch.

    ┬ęTushar Kishore