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    Stop Feeling Less Of Yourself: 5 Inspiration From Nature To Help You Overcome Inferiority Complex

    Inferiority complex is a widespread characteristic and a common theme —someway somehow, everyone goes through the state of lacking confidence, feeling low about ourselves for a “special” someone or group of people’s beauty, happiness, knowledge, attention, respect, fame, and so on... 5 Inspiration From Nature To Fight Inferiority Complex:

    — 1. Find Happiness in You and Nature.

    — 2. Cherish your beauty, weaknesses and Strengths.

    — 3. Like the blue sky, Be content with your space.

    — 4. Find comfort in Nature.

    Whatever the gender, the height or weight —whatever that you are, find comfort in yourself. When every tree around you is created to be taller than you are, if the sun doesn’t shine on you as it shines brightly on others, if nature failed you, none of these matters — take your attention from these, you wont find comfort in looking down on yourself. What matters the most is how you are able to spend your moments; Playing in the rain, swimming in the ocean, taking long walks on the beach. How you are able to go on adventures around nature. How you are able to survive through the dark nights and suns heat.

    — 5. Quit the competition, Exist marvelously.

    There’s no superiority between the land and sea, both are mysteriously superior — even more than human knowledge. There’s no superiority between the mind and the head (or the brain); kill the mind, and the brain will live stupid and dumb than a stone that is told to roll or throw itself; kill the brain or the head, and the mind wouldn’t live to see another light or day — the mind will live like a madman which is worse than living.

    The mountain doesn’t feel less of itself even if the sky is impossible for it to reach. Mountains don’t feel any reason to compete with stones or vice versa — do not feel less of yourself when you become scared of the height higher than the ground or earth level. Quit every competition that are nonbeneficial. Spend that time challenging yourself. Improve your craft to become better every day. Do not live as another person that you’re not — that’s just a waste of time and a waste of who you are or the greatness that you can be/become.

    If nobody sees your worth and dreams — assuming everybody told you the best news your ears want to listen to, or they criticize you,...

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